About me


April 1988, Cayo Piedra, Icacos Peninsula, Cuba. In this reef I made my «baptism of diving,» which was a bit special: it was almost 20 meters in a wreck and … with sharks! Having passed the «Cuban» text successful, I was totally «hooked» to the underwater world and sharks.
In 1993 I became scuba instructor, just when I opened my first dive center and in 2000 became a trainer of trainers. I specialize in many disciplines such as deep diving, wrecks, photography, underwater video and … sharks.
My passion for diving and travel has led me to visit the five continents in the last 20 years as professional, also doing another of my preferred hobbies: underwater filming.
In 2011 I decided to fulfill one of my dreams, dive with sharks «a bit» more time than usual. My goal, suceded…  spend 12 hours surrounded by tiger and lemon (Bahamas) sharks without leaving the water. And so, I set an international record of permanence with sharks unsurpassed up to day.
With nearly 3,000 students formed, more than 100 trips and expeditions organized by me and more than 6,000 scuba-dives all around the world, I’ve taken two things in conclusion:
– 20 years ago I made the best decision in my life: devote to diving.
– I want this decision to last at least for another 20 years.