If you want to be in the center of the action when you dive with sharks, learn a lot of the necessary knowledge to manage bait dives, and who knows, that it will be the beginning of your future job as an expert shark guide… this is your course: INTERACTION EXTREME WITH SHARKS (South African Edition).

En esta edición que realizamos en Umkomaas (Sudáfrica) podrás hacer este «novedoso y exclusivo» curso con los tiburones que se pueden ver en este país en temporada alta: Puntas negras, tigre, toro y raggie.


  • Course logistics
  • Introduction to the shark world
  • Characteristics of sharks, black tips, tiger, bull and raggie
  • Bait diving principles and fundamentals
  • Different types of bait boxes 
  • Types of bait and elements of attraction
  • Pre-baiting of the diving area 
  • Pre-immersion bait boxes situation 
  • Handling of bait boxes during immersion 
  • Situation and behavior of the guides 
  • Situation and behavior of divers 
  • Briefings for bait dives 
  • Emergency situations 

Under the new online training platform that I have created, FAUNIAK, you will be able to learn a lot about sharks with the ESSENTIAL SHARK course designed exclusively by me. Its history and evolution, the famous Megalodon, the senses of sharks, its external and internal anatomy, how they feed, how they reproduce, the main groups of sharks, their distribution around the world, some of their curiosities, such as, for example, which are the fastest or something very interesting, how they sleep, the current situation of sharks in the world, the threats they face and finally, we will see in the course what personal actions can be carried out to protect them.

With my experience of more than 30 years diving with sharks and this course, you will achieve your goal: to know the true secrets of sharks.

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It'll only cost you 14,5€!


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