It may be one of the wildest countries in the world, with almost non-existent infrastructure and virgin landscapes yet to be discovered. Nomads crossing endless steppes and the great Gobi desert mixed with burning hot springs and fossil sites of great dinosaurs. Sharing territory with herds of yaks, bulls and wild horses grazing freely.

Mongolia, a contrast of unique and wonderful sites in an empire of nomads



MONGOLIA - 11/14 days

Long and short day trekking route to the fascinating South Gobi Desert, where we will explore the Yolyn Canyon or Vulture Gorge in the Gobi Gurvan Shaikhan National Park (three beauties of the eastern, middle and western ranges), the fossil sites of the giant dinosaurs, and the huge Hongor singing sand dunes. In Central Mongolia, we will visit Karakorum, the ancient capital of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire. We will enjoy hot springs gushing at over 80 degrees, the Orjon River Valley, where herds of yaks, sheep, horses, bulls, etc. graze. We will visit the Gers, where nomadic shepherds live.


MONGOLIA - 14 days

Naadam Festival is the most important nomadic cultural, social and sporting event of the year in Mongolia. Its main attraction is the national sports of the Mongolian Nomads. The national festival consists of 4 tournaments: Mongolian wrestling, archery, horse racing and tabas throwing. There are large crowds, but the content and colorfulness makes hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Mongolia to attend this important event.


MONGOLIA - 14 days

Mongolia is a remote region with vast land and open skies, endless steppes, the cradle of nomadic peoples and diverse ethnic groups, religions and a great variety of ecosystems. Shrouded in legends, Mongolia is a mythical and legendary land for the famous Genghis Khan, horse nomads, Gers, Tibetan Buddhist traditions and shamans. We will explore on foot the Altai Mountains, located at the western end of the border with China, Russia and Mongolia, the world of the nomads of Kazakhstan, the highest mountains of Mongolia.


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