Diving in the Maldives

Around 1200 coral islands built on the sea, divided into 26 atolls, formed the country with the biggest plane in the world surrounded by the water more turquoise and transparent that you can find. Exotic and alluring for its beaches of white sand and deep ocean full of marine life. Huge schools of fish, corals, mantas, rays, sharks... The destination for all kind of water sport.

Diving in the Maldives, the best documentary underwater, lived in the first person


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MALDIVES - 9 days

The central route or route of the 4 atolls is the ideal route to visit the Maldives for the first time. It is the most complete because it gathers all the diversity that we can find in this archipelago. During the cruise, you dive in the atolls of Male North, Male South, Felidhoo and Ari, where, in addition to an exuberant marine fauna in its reefs, you can have encounters with large pelagics such as manta rays, whale sharks, nurse sharks and gray reef sharks. Some of the most emblematic dives along the route are: Tuna Factory, Guraidhoo Kandu, Kandoma Thila, Fish Head, Maaya Thila and Alimatha.

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MALDIVES - 9 days

The southern route is "the Maldives in its pure state". The islands that we found on this trip remain almost equal to that of 50 years ago, especially in regard to the marine fauna that surrounds them. The dives take place mainly in "kandus", the channels that are formed between the islands. The current that runs between them attracts sharks, white tips, black tips oceanic and gray, although it usually have meetings with schools of hammerhead, tiger sharks, thresher sharks, blankets, or even a copies of "huge" whale sharks. It is the path of the strong emotions, only here, you can enjoy the experience of discovering a wild landscape.


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Trip Diving The Maldives

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