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Amante de mares y océanos, empresario de turismo de buceo y aventura, cámara submarino, protagonista en distintas series de buceo, director de documentales, experto en tiburones  y ante todo… aventurero de nacimiento.









In 1988 I dived for the first time in Cuba discovering a new world and at the same time my purpose in life: diving.

I started slowly, but there were so many visual impacts and experiences I gained that I knew I had to share them. Five years later I started in the industry. I became an instructor, instructor trainer and set up several schools and dive centers, the perfect tools for people to meet and enjoy underwater as I did.

5,000 certified students, 1,800 trained instructors and countless adventures all over the world. 30 years as a professional in this fantastic underwater world is a lot, but what guides my current career and my personal goals are travel, expeditions and above all... the incredible world of sharks.

I have organized more than 200 trips around the five continents. Known destinations, others new or almost unexplored, which have given me the opportunity to know very closely the sharks and more than 40 of their species, being able to investigate their behavior, tonic immobility techniques and their environmental situation.

I feel like a "shark defender" and I do not miss a recording or a conference to defend them and show that they are not murderers, nor man-eaters, but a fundamental part of our oceans, and that without them, life in the seas would disappear.

Many of these experiences have been captured in the book of the writer Alfonso Mateo-Sagasta: “Tratando de tiburones con Karlos Simón”, where my dear friend Alfonso tells my beginnings in diving and my many adventures and dives with these animals.

The diving industry, travel and expeditions, the world of television, underwater filming and sharks, summarize in a few words my exciting life.

Great and unforgettable that year was 1988... 

Karlos Simón

Sharks expert

I offer you my 35 years of experience diving with more than 40 different species of sharks, both on a personal level, with my trips, conferences and courses, and on a professional level, to act as a safety diver, expert guide or consultant in shark diving protocols.

Sharks courses

El conocimiento de Karlos Simon acerca del mundo de los tiburones está a tu disposición con sus cursos, para que aprendas a bucear con ellos, conozcas el mundo en el que viven y sepas cómo protegerlos.

Audiovisual production

My passion for diving, traveling and filming has led me to travel the five continents capturing with my camera all the images that were reflected in my retina. My audiovisual productions, terrestrial and underwater, bet on talent, creativity and innovation.

Motivational talks

For me, the key to everything is knowing how to enjoy life at every moment and learn from every experience, be it good... or bad. Being willing to change, adapting to situations and always looking for the positive side of things will undoubtedly lead you to success and happiness.


Read some of my expeditions with sharks, experiences in other parts of the world and other experiences that I have had over the years...


In this section I will update you on the latest events related to me and my brand. I want to share with you and highlight everything that, I think, may be of interest to you.


My travels around the five continents have given me the opportunity to get to know the world of sharks very closely. I feel like a "standard bearer for sharks" and I take advantage of every conference to defend them and demonstrate that they are a fundamental part of our oceans.

Interviews on television and radio programs

It is always a pleasure to participate in radio and television programs, especially to spread the word about sharks, their importance in our ecosystems and to do my bit to help people stop seeing them as man-eating killers.

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